Herbals to Treat Hair Loss

Administration of saw palmetto can be effective in treating symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, and its use may have benefit in stimulating hair growth. Hair loss has also been associated with the use of St. Johnís wart is hair loss.

Menthol, a constituent of some essential oils, is used in certain hair products as a hair growth stimulator. Although this compound is not a constituent of ocimum oil, the oil has been observed to stimulate hair growth on shaved animals and humans, and to prevent damage to hair. Rosemary An infusion made from the leaves acts as a natural hair conditioner, toning the scalp and strengthening the hair.


Hair Tonics

Use apple cider vinegar rinse water to cleanse hair of soap, Prepare a strong tea of chamomile for a light hair rinse. Burdock leaf tea cleanses the system and helps give the hair additional shine from within, and may be used for very cleansing hair rinse also. Nettle juice cleanses the system and provides help for lackluster skin and hair. Rhubarb root tea rinse will lighten light brown or faded blond hair. Sage tea will stimulate hair growth.